Shraga and S.R. Silver and Rabbi Avrohom Todd Davidovits Are Honored at Valley Torah Tribute Dinner


Valley Torah High School honored Shraga and S.R. Silver its Annual Tribute Dinner, November 26 at the Hilton University City. The school also bestowed its Alumnus of the Year award on Rabbi Avrohom Todd Davidovits ‘95.

“We try to honor special people who are amazing in the way they lead their lives,” said VTHS Dean and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, and both of these honorees fit that description. “They have a moral compass of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong; their anchor is Torah, and that’s what our school is about.”

Shraga and S.R. Silver have long been active and enthusiastic supporters of Valley Torah High School. They are both native Californians who discovered and were inspired by the beauty of Torah Judaism through many special individuals whom they encountered in their youth and young adulthood. The Silvers are admired and respected for their love of Torah, kindness, and dedication to their community.As a young adult, after receiving his B.A. from Pomona College, Shraga learned with Rabbi Noach Weinberg, z”l, at Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem, Rabbi Simcha Wasserman, z”l, and with Rabbi Moshe Meiselman. He also had the unique opportunity to live in the home of the previous Bostoner Rebbe, zt”l. He earned his law degree from the UCLA School of Law and has had a fulfilling career as a law librarian.

S.R.served as president of Hillel while attending Santa Monica College. She attended seminary in Minneapolis and Brooklyn, and in 2012, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of earning her B.A from California State University, Northridge. S.R. enjoys doing acts of chessed and has long been involved in education, bringing her vibrancy and enthusiasm to classrooms as a pre-school teacher.

The Silvers still feel a close connection towards Valley Torah from which three of their four children graduated. They are appreciative of the education their children received at the school and credit the school’s rebbeim and teachers for providing their children with the academic tools and spiritual guidance that enabled them to become the fine b’nei Torah that they are today. “Shraga Silver is an amazing, inspiring Jew,” said Rabbi Stulberger. With S.R at his side, he has overcome incredible physical challenges and “he sets the bar in terms of character and commitment to Torah values.”

Rabbi Davidovits is admired and respected for his sterling middos, community leadership, and dedication to both the learning and dissemination of Torah. A dynamic educator with an uncanny ability to connect to students of all ages, he is a distinguished representative of the Torah values that VTHS aspires to instill within its students.After graduating from VTHS’s class of 1995, Rabbi Davidovits learned at Neveh Zion in Israel and Sh’or Yoshuv Institute of the Five Towns where he earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Talmudic Law. He received smicha from the celebrated halachic authority and author, Rabbi Efraim Greenblatt.Rabbi Davidovits is currently pursuing his law degree at UCLA School of Law. He credits his days at Valley Torah with setting him on his path in life. “The quality of Torah learning at Valley Torah was outstanding, as was the emphasis placed on the importance of character development,” he said. “Our rebbeim were role models of dedication to Torah learning and harbotzas haTorah. They encouraged each of their talmidim to shoot for the stars, and to refuse to be satisfied with following the crowd. Their guidance enabled each of us to strive toward great accomplishments in Torah.”

Rabbi Davidovits and his wife, Sarah, whom he credits with enabling him to be exclusively involved with learning and teaching Torah for the past eleven years, have five children.

Reflecting on the honor given to these outstanding individuals, Rabbi Stulberger noted in the Tribute Dinner Journal, “Our sages explain that there is one barometer that can help us gauge our progress on the path of ruchnius. In Pirkei Avos, it says, ‘Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa taught: Anyone who is pleasing in character and behavior to other people is also pleasing to Hashem.’ This is an incredible testament to the ability of a community to sense sincerity in others, and to recognize the value that the Torah places on proper middos and exemplary character.”