Purim Kattan with Chef Katsuji Tanabe!


What better way to celebrate Purim Kattan and enter into Shabbat than with the delicious aroma of chulent wafting throughout the school? In celebration of Purim Kattan, the entire YULA Boys High School was treated to a very exciting and tasty chulent competition! Students signed up to put their chulent-making skills to the test, and eight teams were slated to compete. On Thursday afternoon, the teams gathered their ingredients and put their chulents on to cook overnight. Walking into school on Friday morning, the halls were filled with the scents of Shabbat, as beans, meat, and barley simmered together in large crockpots.

The entire student body gathered together for the main event. Famed Chef Katsuji Tanabe, creator of Mexikosher and champion of Food Network’s “Chopped”, made a surprise guest appearance as the celebrity judge. The judges were treated to eight different chulents, which were ranked based on taste, texture, and creativity. After intense tasting and competition, Rabbi Baalhaness, Noam Posner, and Doni Yellin’s team emerged victorious! Their prize? A chance to debut their winning chulent on the menu at Mexikosher. According to Rabbi Dov Emerson, YULA’s Head of School, “it was great to see all of the faculty and rebbeim involved in the program. Some were team members, some served as judges, while still others helped in the technical coordination of the program. It was so nice to see the degree of investment that our faculty and rebbeim have in our boys, and that there is a genuine happiness in spending time together.” The entire school is excited for the rest of the Adar festivities that will continue to unfold!