Rabbi Nowosiolski and the 4th grade boys of Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyhu in Los Angeles thank Rabbi Grawitsky for his magnanimous tour of It’s Delish Candy Factory, where they learned about business ethics, production and halacha.

Rabbi Grawitsky explained how the candies are made and the importance of each machine in the process. He elaborated on how halacha guides his business practices and the importance of weighing all candies correctly in order to avoid cheating your customer. This tied into our learning of Yaakov Avinu as a “Man of Truth” when he worked for Lavan, and in his dealings with Esav.

The boys were fascinated by the detailed explanations that the rabbi gave concerning the many challenges of Kashrus in the food industry and how he works with Kehilla kosher to ensure that all of his products are of the highest standard.

Rabbi Grawitsky demonstrated to the boys the many opportunities of Chesed available to him as well. When he found out that this year Coke would not be producing kosher for Pesach soda he promptly decided that the It’s Delish company would make many flavors of soda for Pesach to meet the community need.

The students were very impressed with the factory and grateful that despite his busy schedule preparing for Pesach, Rabbi Grawitsky was able to provide them this wonderful opportunity. The tour ended on a high note with the boys each receiving a generous sampling of the candy produced at the plant.