LA’s Got Purim Baskets


Gone are the days when Mishloach Manos meant a mini grape juice and an orange. In Los Angeles, Purim day is a time to show your creativity and good taste and wow your friends with your tasty and decadent food. If you would rather delegate the task, there are many stores and crafty individuals who would be happy to ease the burden. Please note that unless specified, individuals are not under professional Kosher supervision and it is up to the consumer to ensure the products meet their Kashrus standards.

Let’s start with the original Shalach Manos providers: Munchies. Munchies is a huge Kosher candy emporium that expertly puts together gorgeous and professional Mishloach Manos baskets. They can build the gift based on your specific requests and budget, or you can choose from the hundreds of premade baskets filled with chocolate dipped pretzels, candies of all flavors, and specialty chocolates made in house. Munchies Kashrus is supervised by Kehilla. Located at 8859 West Pico Boulevard and call 310-777-0221. Delivery is available and orders can be made from out of town.

Rochel Duchman at A Perfect Setting makes her stunning Mishloach Manos with the future in mind. After Purim is over and all the ribbon, cellophane, and fake grass gets put on the curb, you are left with a unique house ware item that can be used throughout the year. Mrs. Duchman designs her Shalach Manos around the gift item, which can be an Italian Glass serving dish, a bedazzled serving tray, cute muffin tin, or even a useful Keurig cup holder. The piece is stacked with unique and gourmet goodies. Call 323-620-3618.

Sharona Motkin’s creations focus on delicious baked goods. Sharona is a professional pastry chef who will design unique, fresh, individualized baked treats for your Mishloach Manos. She will customize treats to fit with your theme and can creates cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops around your theme. She then expertly packages the treats to create a one of a kind, delectable dessert. Orders must be in by Monday, March 10th. Pickup or delivery is available. Please order by emailing

t gift basket creator and includes many treats. The baskets come in all sizes, with the larger ones containing gourmet Kosher wines and candies and nuts from their in-house selection. Smaller Mishloach Manos for children contain plenty of nosh and noise makers. It’s very convenient to do your Seudah shopping and Shalach Manos shopping at one stop. Cambridge Farms is located at 12431 Burbank Boulevard in Valley Village and their phone number 818-506-6661. Glatt Mart is located at 8708 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles and their phone number is 310-289-6888. Both Glatt Mart and Cambridge are under the Kosher supervision of the RCC.

Esther Bengio uses her supreme creativity and arts-and-crafts skill to create fun, colorful, glittery creations that inspires repeat customers year after year. All Purim baskets are filled with packaged Kosher treats and include a free Purim postcard and handmade décor. To make your order please call 415-787-2424. Delivery is free with $100 order, or $12.00.

The new show in town Holy Cow Creamery will be creating exciting, scrumptious, custom Mishloach Manos based on your taste buds or theme. The gifts will include their incredible baked goods and a gift ware item artfully wrapped and laden with treats. They’re well priced at $6 and up and are all Chalav Yisroel and supervised by the RCC. They can also deliver the goodies and will be sure to delight you. Visit their shop at 8946 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles or call 310-777-0168.