Emek’s Torah and Science Family Night


By:Michelle Andron

The room was buzzing with excitement as our third-fifth graders
presented their projects to fellow students and parents. Not only were
they showing off their fancy experiments and activities, they also
made sure to share a Torah insight related to their projects. There
were incredible presentations such as: Simple Machines Used Today and
Those Used to Build The Bais Hamikdash, Rocks and Minerals and the
Choshen Mishpat, How the Kidneys Work and the Asher Y’atzar,
Eggsperiments and the Laws of Shaluach Haken, Lunar Olympics and Laws
Related to New Moon, Magnetism and Avodas Hashem, just to name a few.
All of the projects were created in school by groups of students. They
had to collaborate on the project, create it from scratch, and learn
how to effectively communicate their ideas – all important life skills
that we are working to develop here at Emek.