YULA Alumnus Addresses Future Business Leaders of America Club


Asher Naghi.

The next big CEO of tomorrow could be sitting in the YULA classroom today. Students with an eye towards business gather together each week to share their passion and learn from the best in the business. As part of YULA High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club, over 30 students gather together each week, hoping to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and build their business skills in their teenage years.
On Wednesday February 19th, YULA students gathered to hear from the club’s most recent speaker, YULA Boys School alumnus Samuel Small (Class of 2007). Mr. Small is a New York University economics graduate and decided to share his knowledge with current YULA students. The returning YULA alumnus regaled the students with a fascinating discussion on economics, a subject not typically offered in a high school classroom setting. Over thirty YULA boys and girls learned about such concepts as opportunity cost and inflation. YULA senior Yair Fax, a new member of FBLA, said, “I particularly appreciate this course because it allows me to understand everyday concepts and terminology that I’m not usually exposed to in the classroom.”
Mr. Small’s lecture was part of a three part series on the subject of economics that aims to give members a foundation in why decisions are made on both a micro and macro level. According to Mr. Joey Small, YULA’s Director of Institutional Advancement and FBLA Faculty Advisor (and brother to Samuel Small), “Our vision for FBLA is that it will connect current students with alumni in the field, and through those bridges, the club will provide students with opportunities for the future.” The club plans to continue its Consultancy Project, which educates students on company culture, in a few weeks. It also plans to expand into new areas such as marketing.