Los Angeles Yeshivas HaChaim holds Annual Breakfast


By Rabbi Arye D. Gordon.

On Sunday Morning February 23rd, 2014 the Yeshivas HaChaim of Los Angeles held its Annual Breakfast.

Rabbi Dovid Grossman, the Rosh Hayeshiva and renown Daf Yomi Magid shiur, welcomed the olam to this special breakfast. Rabbi Grossman described the warm acceptance by the Yeshivas HaChaim of Los Angeles, whose community fills a need not met by other yeshivos in the city.

“We are living during a period in Jewish History when our numbers are growing and there is a need for more yeshivas,” said Rabbi Grossman. “Most of the yeshivas today follow the established norm and are similar in what they teach, Their learning programs are the same as it was, where the rabbaim and teachers were educated, the same acceptance policies and yeshivas goals.”

“There are always those who do not fit neatly in the mold. Some are older, some are working and can only learn at night, some need more assistance with their learning and some are just not comfortable in the existing yeshivas.”

And that is why Rav Dovid Grossman, an educator for decades, a compassionate and understanding Rebbe, has taken on the challenge to continue the education of these students and he has been amazingly successful.

Rabbi Dovid Grossman speaking to  Talmidim and supporters of Yeshivas HaChaim

Rabbi Dovid Grossman speaking to Talmidim and supporters of Yeshivas HaChaim. Photo Credit: Arye D Gordon

The Yeshiva, which has existed for only a few years, has experienced continued growth. Under the guidance of the Rosh Hayeshiva and ably assisted by the Magid Shiur, Reb Yitzchok Hertz, students who have finished High School, but want to continue learning while married and working or studying a profession, have found Yeshivas HaChaim a perfect home. With its flexible hours of learning during the day and evening, students of Yeshivas HaChaim can continue learning.

A talmid of the yeshiva, Ariel Shadrooz addressed the audience and related his experiences with the yeshiva. “Yeshivas Hachaim is a place where you can come in at any time and learn. Rabbi Grossman is the finest Rebbie that you can find. He is always there to assist you and inspire you. There are even baalei batim, those whose days in a Yeshiva ended many years ago, that come to learn with us daily.”

Reb Yitzchok Hertz, who has been with the Yeshiva for over a year, has found that spending time with bochurim in learning is a most exhilarating and personally productive experience.

In asking about the Yeshiva, Rav Grossman told me, “This is a unique yeshiva where any young man can come to learn. We learn gemara, halacha , bekius (learning to have great breadth of knowledge) and b’iyun (deep and detailed learning of every topic) . We stress learning, “halacha l’ma’asa,” to gain knowledge and understanding of the practical application of the Laws. After ever sugya (topic) that we learn, we discuss the related halachos, so that the students know what to do in their everyday experiences. Many students stay on and continue learning even after they get married. I will have to start a Kollel for them !”

May the yeshiva continue to grow and provide the spiritual sustenance that adds so much to the lives of the talmidei Hayeshiva and to all that join them in learning.