Purim at Yula


Celebrating Purim YULA Style!

What do a leprechaun, Superman, and a chicken have in common? They were all in attendance at YULA Boys High School’s annual Purim Chagiga extravaganza! The boys arrived to school on Friday in full Purim attire, ready to bring in the chag with joy. Following shacharit, the boys filled the auditorium with leibedig dancing and singing, getting into the Purim spirit YULA-style. The chagiga also included a costume contest and dance performance, as well as some fun student shtick! On Friday night, YULA fathers were treated to a very special, first ever “Father’s Only” tisch to celebrate the chag. It was a beautiful evening and great way for the dads to bond over singing and Divrei Torah while getting to know their sons’ rebbeim even better. Purim Day was the icing on the cake, with multiple purim pre-seudot mesibas taking place across the city. Rebbeim hosted students in their homes, and then entire student body gathered at Rabbi Emerson’s home for dancing, grammen, and great food! Chag Purim Sameach!