YULA Hosts Third Annual YULAMUN


What do you get when you combine months of preparation, intense real world crises, and seventy 7th and 8th grade students? YULA’s third YULAMUN, now an established annual event, organized by the YULA High School’s Model United Nation team. Well known for being a force to be reckoned with at Yeshiva University’s Model United Nations, the YULA team decided to bring the Model UN experience back to Los Angeles two years ago, recreating the same intensity and debate that takes place on the high school level for prospective 7th and 8th graders. Hillel, Maimonides, and Emek all sent delegates as part of the day’s activities. Students arrived in their formal attire, ready to argue their points as eloquently and passionately as possible following months of preparation. YULA 9th graders also had the chance to participate and get a feel for the Model UN experience, including training from upper classmen.
Students arrived early on Sunday morning, March 23rd, to the YULA Girls School campus, eagerly awaiting the day’s competition. Dr. Paul Soifer, YULA Boys School’s Principal of General Studies and Model UN Faculty advisors, welcomed the students, after which YULA Junior Eitan Meisels and Olivia Levkowitz, both Model UN participants and Secretary General for YULAMUN, officially opened the conference. Then it was time for the committee sessions, during which students were divided into one of five committees: UNICEF, WHO (World Health Organization), two Security Council committees, and WFP (World Food Program). Students covered issues ranging from Narco-terrorism, Food Insecurity, Syrian Civil War, and Education Post-Crisis.
Dr. Soifer presented the conference key-note address on the topic “United Nations on My Mind”, during which he reminisced on the meaning and role of the UN from his perspective as a baby boomer. He encouraged students to stay aware of what was taking place in global politics. After a full day of debate, five students were awarded Best Delegate, and eight were recognized with an Honorable Mention. According to YULA freshman Jack Levkowitz, who also won Best Delegate, “In the end we all had a great time, and I definitely learned a lot from this wonderful experience.” According to Dr. Soifer, “it was a pleasure hosting students from our feeder schools. They were engaged, interested, and certainly well prepared. The energy in the sessions was palpable, and I am excited to one day welcome a number of these students onto YULA’s Model UN team!”