Creative Raffle and Concert Inspires Families at the Maayon Center


On Saturday night, March 26th, The Maayon Yisrael Center on La Brea, held its Annual Partnership Concert. Benny Friedman performed heartfelt Chassidic melodies to a packed crowd. With not even standing room left, the families who attended were charmed by Friedman’s music and a pulsating band. Rabbi Wolf, head of the Maayon Center, was thrilled by the turnout, “It was a very live energy in the room. I can still feel it.” Freidman performed songs from his new CD, Bnei Heichala, A Shabbos with Benny Friedman (available on But it was the performance of the ethereal chassidic nigunim that moved the audience the most.
Following the concert, tickets were offered for the most creative raffle that was designed by Rabbi Wolf to help fund the Center. The tickets are being sold until 9.30pm Saturday night, April 5th. All prizes are packaged for life-changing activities. Prizes include a week’s rental of an RV including a $500 gas card, or a package of 8 annual passes to Disneyland. There are prepaid home cleaning coupons and another winning ticket that will give dinner for 2 people in 20 restaurants across the city. At just $26 a ticket, sales were active and are continuing still. At the raffle drawing, Maayon Yisrael Center has organized a drum circle and Pizza for not-to-be-missed family entertainment.
Rabbi Wolf gave a rousing lecture after Benny Friedman’s performance. After the noise of the band, it was a dramatic shift which mesmerized the audience. He retold the story of a Chassidic Rabbi who was visited by a married man. The man complained bitterly that he could not earn the money he needed to pay the marriage fee for his daughter’s wedding. In those days, the authorities demanded the fee before allowing a Jewish wedding to take place. The Rebbe listened to the complaint and decided to take Hashem to court. He wanted to sue Hashem to see if the man was justified. The Rebbe spent hours reading and evaluating the obligation of Jewish people to get married. Finally, he made his decision. Hashem was obligated to help fulfill this mitzvah. If our will to comply is strong enough, Hashem has to enable us to fulfill his will, providing that we are sincere in our outcry for help. And this is how we must pray. This is how we are guaranteed that our needs will be met.
Please visit for raffle tickets, or call 323 638 6578. Raffle Prizes, Drum Circle and Pizza Evening is at 9.30pm, Saturday April 5th, 140 N La Brea Ave, LA 90036. See ad in this issue for more details about upcoming raffle.