Sol Teichman’s Visit to Emek Middle School on Yom Hashoah



On Monday, April 28th, Emek middle school boys and girls had the merit of receiving a visit from Emek patriarch and Holocaust survivor, Sol Teichman. Rabbi Shifman, Head of School, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Teichman for recounting his story “from his glory days living in the shtetl to his experiences in the Holocaust, and then his rise again upon his arrival to America.”

Mr. Teichman retold his story of growing up in Munkacz with his extended family and having everything ripped away by the Nazis; he recounted his experiences in Auschwitz and the terrible march he endured under horrific conditions. Mr. Teichman described how weighing only 60 pounds, he carried his brother on his back for days, driven only by his unshakable will to live. He told the students of his unwavering faith in Hashem, not questioning His reasons for the atrocities the Jews had to endure. “Not for one minute, to this day, did I lose my faith in Hashem,” he declared, even after losing eighty members of his immediate and extended family.

Mr. Teichman pointed out that for twenty years after the Holocaust he tried to forget all of the details in order to be able to function in his “new life”. Now, however, he realizes that remembering and retelling his story is what will prevent such an atrocity from ever happening again. His lesson to the children was to “be nice to one another and to never forget”. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Teichman’s story and we are blessed to have him as one of Emek’s founders and primary supporters.