Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy Reflects and Celebrates:


Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha’atzmaut

At Hillel the students took their lessons out of the classroom and into school assemblies to memorialize and highlight critical and significant events in Jewish history. Each assembly left the students feeling empowered to continue living proud Jewish lives and inspired to honor those who came before them and sacrificed so much.

Yom Hashoah
Focusing on the theme of l’dor l’dor, the students put on a meaningful and moving assembly highlighting ways in which we as a Jewish people work towards standing on the shoulders of our past to maintain strength and achdut. Child survivor, Mrs. Dana Schwartz, shared intimate memories with the students and urged our community to keep the memories of the kedoshim alive by living Jewishly and proudly.

Yom Hazikaron
Students entered a dimply lit room to memorialize those fallen soldiers who fought heroically for the establishment and survival of the State of Israel. Through a series of stories, the students were able to get a glimpse into the devotion and challenges that soldiers and their families face while serving their country. Rabbi Bouskilla, father of 8th grader Ilan Bouskilla, shared his personal memories of being a young American with a strong drive to serve in the Israeli army and shared accounts of his time serving.

Yom Ha’atzmaut
After a festive Shacharit with Hallel, all of the students, Parent and me-8th grade, as well as many parents gathered in the outside yard as a kehilla to join in celebration. After a special daglanut, flag dance, by the 8th graders, dozens of balloons were handed out and on the count of three the sky filled with blue and white balloons. As everyone looked towards the sky, all involved couldn’t help but be thankful to Hashem for the living miracle, the State of Israel. The Hillel community joined together to march along the street singing and waving Israeli flags tall and proud. As the cars honked in solidarity, the students cheered and sang even louder. When the students entered back into the yard, Israeli music was playing and all rejoiced through dance and celebration.

The students continued the festivities throughout the day. The Early Childhood as well as the Elementary School students stayed on campus to experience “mini-Israel” while the middle school students went to Brandeis Bardin in Simi valley for Maccabia which ended in a barbeque and kumzitz.