Israeli Consul General Visits Emek


In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Emek students received a visit from David Siegel, Israeli Consul General. Mr. Sol Teichman and Mr. David Siegel were welcomed by our students in grades Pre-1 through 3, lining the halls singing “Heveinu Shalom Aleichem” while waving their Israeli flags. This welcome brought a huge smile to Mr. Teichman’s face and was deemed “Better than Obama’s welcome” by Mr. Siegel. Later, the Consul General was escorted by our Head of School, Rabbi Mordechai Shifman to the auditorium where the 4th-8th grades eagerly awaited his speech. Mr. Siegel spoke about the dangers facing Israel today and the many strides Israel has made in technology, with over 300 large companies, including Apple, planting their roots in Israel; he also mentioned Israel’s advancements in hydration and water technology. Mr. Siegel encouraged all of our students to visit Israel and was overwhelmed to learn that at least 75% of our students had already been to the Holy Land. The Consul General ended his speech with an impressive question and answer session with our students. Overall, the students will not soon forget their special interaction with such a remarkable figure.

A video of the Israeli Consul General’s visit can be seen at: