Jack’s Gourmet Sells Superior Kosher Sausage


Jack’s Gourmet Sells Superior Sausages

Jack Silberstein is a New York chef who turned his years of culinary knowledge into a successful line of quality kosher sausages and deli meats. Jack’s Gourmet was launched in 2010 at Kosherfest, the annual trade show that presents to the kosher market. It wasn’t so easy to create a kosher line of meat products that were equal in flavor to their non kosher partners. Yet a chef with a mission is a chef with a vision. Where beef had to be substituted for pork, the denser flavor of the beef affected the impact of the spices used and there was much trial and error in the kitchen while Jack searched to create the perfect recipes that would capture the authentic flavors.

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Dedicated to wholesomeness and authenticity, Chef Jack has reproduced a line of ethnically diverse flavors. He admits to having eaten so many sausages in his first 6 months of business that he had to take out a gym membership. But, his efforts paid off. Today, Jack is a slender chef with a mouth watering line of well distributed, kosher meats that are without fillers or additives, but instead reward the family chef with tasty, high protein meals.
Jack explains his culinary style, “How do we make the best corned beef and pastrami brisket? The old fashioned way is the best. It’s not economical. It’s not practical. But when you pickle the beef for seven days and add fresh garlic and spices, it is a completely different product from a 24 hour pickling process that uses liquid emulsifying seasonings and carageenan that increases the product by 50% with water saturation.”

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Sausages have been produced since the beginning of time. Ground meat was mixed with spices to create an economical meal that has been a staple on the tables of kings and queens as well as farmers, paupers and nomads. For a butcher, the sausage was the logical solution for leftover meat and in the days before refrigeration, the sausage was a meaningful business model for the selling of rancid meat that was just a step away from being poisonous.
Chef Jack believed the kosher marketplace was bereft of a quality sausage product, but researching the variety of sausages was endless; an English banger is chubbier than a Mexican chorizo, which is longer than an Iraqi kofta which is rounder than a Greek loukaniko. Finally, Jack chose an assortment of sausages that he produces at his New Jersey factory. The seven varieties are made with beef. From the Sweet Italian to the cured bratwurst, from the South African boerewors to the spicy southwestern, Jack’s gourmet kitchen uses an assortment of ingredients including malt vinegar , fennel seed, paprika, garlic, black pepper and more. The sausages from Jacks’ gourmet are distributed Nationwide including select Costco and Sprouts supermarkets. A full store listing is available on their website- jacksgouirmetkosher.com
Sales have been impressive but demand has been equally strong for another product that is hard to find in most kosher markets. Tasty facon. Jack’s kosher facon is perhaps his most successful product with a depth of flavor that livens up salads, hamburgers, sprout salads, pasta and more. While not yet a mainstream product, facon has a large and loyal following. Made from smoky and salted dry cured beef, in appearance and flavor tests the facon meat has a remarkable similarity with the non kosher breakfast food with a similar name. Facon is sometimes sold as a product made from vegetable protein. Jack, on the other hand, maintains his dedication to wholesomeness and he’s developed a beef facon that is made with beef, sugar and salt. It tastes as good as it sounds.
If you’re interested to know more, visit http://www.jacksgourmetkosher.com