From the Beauty of Torah to the Beauty of Utah; Valley Torah Boys Bond Outside the Classroom


This May, the students of Valley Torah High School were able to experience the beauty of Utah’s canyons while connecting with each other and Hashem. It was an unforgettable adventure for the 75 boys and cemented their traditional school study with a real life experience.

On the way to Utah, the teens spent an eventful night in Las Vegas, where they enjoyed a pizza and sushi dinner, trampoline bouncing, laser tag and wall climbing. Once the buses reached Zion the next day, the adventure began with a strenuous hike along Zion National Park’s Virgin River trail which lead to the Zion Canyon Narrows. The boys were then able to drive ATVs (all terrain vehicles) along the rim of the magnificent Bryce Canyon, and they rode horses into the canyon as well.

“I was amazed at the incredible friendship and achdus (unity) that I witnessed on this trip,” commented VTHS Dean, Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, explaining why the school goes out of its way each year to organize enlightening expeditions, such as this one to Utah.

“Education is not merely about imparting information. It is about impacting our students and opening up their hearts and minds to the beauty of our Torah and the purpose of our existence. Trips like this are rare in schools today,” Rabbi Stulberger continued, “but very often leave indelible imprints on our children that the conventional classroom experience cannot match.

Moshe Judah graduates from Valley Torah this June and he described the trip as memorable in ways he had not imagined, “It wasn’t the events that were offered that made strong memories, it was the camaraderie from being together on the bus for the long journey. There were two buses and that was the best fun. At the same time, I guess the water hike was a most unusual experience. Zion has icy rivers with pockets of forests on the sides and some sandstone cliffs. We walked through the water, then the river became deeper and some of us swum through. That’s an experience I won’t be able to forget!”

One parent was overheard complimenting Rabbi Stulberger, “This trip was life altering for my son.’” And you can’t beat that.