Getting a Head Start in Business their Senior Year


By second semester of senior year, most 12th grade students are dreaming of graduation and eagerly anticipating the long summer ahead. To help combat the feelings of senioritis, this year, YULA Boys School began a pilot internship program for a select group of 12th graders. The goal of the program was to make senior year more meaningful and fulfilling. Students were asked to submit a cover letter and resume, as well as participate in a rigorous interview process. Out of many applicants, YULA seniors Sammy Schultz and Asher Naghi were accepted.

Two days a week, Sammy has been working in the editorial department at, reviewing documents and writing reviews for cars. As an intern, part of Sammy’s job has included converting documents to be more accessible for the company and easier to share internally. “I’m very grateful to YULA for this opportunity”, said Sammy. “One of the most impactful things for me has been observing how people relate to each other in a work environment, learning how to work and talk with a new group of people”. According to Sammy, “being a face for YULA – as an ambassador working with prospective students and at the Golf Tourmanent, helped me socially and taught me how to interact with a wide range of individuals. I have been able to apply those skills to the work environment.” After graduation, Sammy will be attending Yeshivat Shaalavim, followed by the Sy Syms Honors program at Yeshiva University.

For YULA senior Asher Naghi, anticipating the lull that takes place for second semester seniors, he decided to challenge himself and do something productive, taking on the role of intern at Beverly Hills Investing Company LLC three days a week. Asher spends his time assisting with researching financial data and potential investors, gaining skills in data analysis and synthesizing research. “I’m very grateful to YULA for this opportunity and would highly recommend it to other seniors looking for a meaningful way to finish their high school experience.” Asher will be continuing his work throughout the summer, after which he will attend Yeshivat Gush Etzion, followed by UCLA.


According to Rabbi Arye Sufrin, Assistant Principal, who helped bring the program to life, “I remember from time as an intern at Deloitte how much I learned from the culture of corporate America and what it means to be a professional. This is something that I thought would be great for our students to experience.”