Large Turnout for the Annual Breakfast of the Mesivta of Los Angeles


by Rabbi Arye D. Gordon

On Sunday morning June 8, 2014, the Annual Breakfast of the Mesivta of Los Angeles was held in Kanner Hall. Reb Hillel Zeitlin, chairman of the Mesivta, the usual Master of Ceremonies, was not there to extended greetings to the packed audience. Harav Nechemia Langer the Rosh Mesivta provided the welcoming address this year. Rav Langer, who is also the Rov of Shaare Torah, known as the “Twin Towers,” thanked the supporters of the Mesivta.

The Mesivta of Los Angeles was established to offer an option for the graduates of the Los Angeles Cheder and others, to learn in an environment and engage in a seder lemud following in a seamless continuum of the Cheder’s study structure.

Rav Langer was the perfect person to direct the Mesivta. A talmid chocham, whose years of learning are a combination of Telz and the Brisk Yeshvia of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik of Yerushalayim, wrapped in a chassidishe background, combined all the necessary ingredients. Add to that his warmth, generosity, ahavas Yisroel and recognition of the importance of limud hatorah and there is nothing more required to guarantee the success of this endeavor.

Large Turnout for the Annual Breakfast of the Mesivta of Los Angeles

Rosh Mesivta, Rav Nechemia Langer, speaking at the breakfast. Photo: Arye D Gordon

Yet there are more teachers; The Rebbeim and magadei shiurim of the Mesivta. Among them are Harav Yochanon Henig, the Titular Head of the Chasiddishe Kollel, Harav Shlomo Klein, mara d’asra Ohr HaChaim, Rav Pesach Oelbaum, Rav Moshe Chill , who teaches night seder and the Mashgiach, Rav Yoel Weiss.

A special thanks was extended to the family of Rav Yonah Ganzweig zt”l for providing the use of their shul as a home for the Mesivta learning program during the day and to the Ohr Hachayim shul, its Rov, Rav Shlomo Klein and Ronnie Mayer for the use of their facilities for the Night Learning Program. Rav Langer made sure to thank Reb Ahron Schellemberg and ABI Graphics for printing invitations, flyers and handling other printing needs of the Mesivta.

Those in attendance were presented with the gift of a sefer “Chochmas Mesivta” which was replete with insights in the talmid learning of these teenage students of the Mesivta. The sefer was provided by the Blonder family, in memory of Rav Menachem Yechezkel Bitterman z”l.

Following a dvar torah, the Rosh Hayeshiva concluded by saying, “We are fortunate here in Los Angeles to have a community that is brimming with individuals that learn torah daily, recognize the importance of learning, and joyously support our torah institutions. May we all continue to grow in torah and in the merit of our learning, may we be fortunate to witness the geula shileima bimheira b’yameinu, amen.”

The breakfast ended with the berkas hamazon.