Perutz Etz Jacob, Celebrating a Unique Event in a Unique Way


On Sunday, June 1st, the Perutz Etz Jacob Hebrew Academy invited the mothers and grandmothers, friends and sisters of the middle school girls for a performance of beautiful and moving Israeli music. In recognition that it was at Hag Shavuot that Jews brought the first fruits to Jerusalem and to celebrate Yom Yerushalyim, the concert was a reconnection that let everyone feel a little piece of Yerushalyim deep within.

Perutz Etz Jacob, Celebrating a Unique Event in a Unique Way (1)

The music was traditional and nostalgic and accompanying dances created a lively atmosphere where mothers were singing along with their daughters and many a tear was shed. Under the direction of Musical Director, Morah Racheli Eliyahu, the students worked tirelessly to create a meaningful performance through the power of song and verse, in honor of this special day.

The girls brought that reality to life with a narrative where the seven gates were advocating why the soldiers should go through each of them. Finally, it was Sha’ar Ha’arayot, the Lions’ Gate, who was left to speak:

Perutz Etz Jacob, Celebrating a Unique Event in a Unique Way (2)

It began to speak in a soft voice, “G-d in Heaven. From all directions I see soldiers fighting and being wounded. My heart is breaking and I cannot bear to watch any longer. It doesn’t matter through which gate the soldiers enter. Just make the fighting stop”. G-d and the angels heard these words and whispered among themselves. Then G-d turned to the Lions’ Gate and said, “All the other gates are interested in their own honor. But you care more about the soldiers of Israel than about yourself. Therefore, we have decided that the soldiers of Israel will enter the Old City through you. Let the young lions go forth and enter through the Lions’ gate.”

Thank you to our supportive parent body and to the community for coming to watch this most memorable Yom Yerushalyim event.