Yeshiva Ketana celebrates Parshas Noach at the LA Zoo


On Thursday, October 23rd, the students of Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles experienced a real taste of Parshas Noach when they took a school trip to the Los Angeles Zoo. In previous years, they have visited the Noah’s Ark Exhibit at the Skirball Museum and hosted a petting zoo. This year they tried something new by visiting the Griffith Park zoo, and it was a huge success!

While the first graders had a private tour, the preschoolers roamed the zoo with their teachers, seeing and learning about the animals first-hand and even petting a few. The hands-on approach to learning the Parsha is just one example of the way Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles focuses on teaching Torah, Mitzvos and Maasim Tovim in a memorable and enjoyable way.

Now in its third year, the school has enrolled 60 students, under the leadership of Rabbi Aharon Rubenstein and Rabbi Aryeh Davidowitz. There are currently four grades, ranging from nursery to first grade, all located at the Yeshiva’s two Burbank Blvd locations, in Valley Village.