Emek Hosts Learning Seminar for New Chumash Curriculum


Emek Hosts Learning Seminar (2)

On Monday, November 17th, Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center filled their downstairs lunchroom with 30 of the top Jewish educators from 12 West Coast Jewish day schools. Travelling from Portland, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, Long Beach, San Jose, and from three Los Angeles schools, these teachers travelled the distance so they could learn and share resources for the L’Havin U’Lehaskil Chumash program recently introduced at Emek.

The creator and coordinator of the program, Morah Tamar Nusbaum, and the Director of the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools, Rabbi Heshy Glass came in from New York City to train the group, presenting the materials, concepts and progress markers and engaged in discussions with the attendees. Emek’s Rabbi Levi Solomon, also the L’Havin U’Lehaskil West Coast representative, hosted and organized the seminar, reaching out to his colleagues across the region and creating the opportunity to gather, network, and advance their expertise in the L’Havin U’Lehaskil Chumash curricular system.

In assessing the success of the seminar, Rabbi Solomon commented that, “It was impressive to see so many teachers get together and share useful, practical ideas that can put to work in their classrooms, immediately and effectively.” He added, “Emek is at the forefront of this new curriculum. This new program will allow faster progress in Chumash studies and offers the “out of the box” learning opportunity in Limudei Kodesh which is also found across the academic spectrum at Emek.”

Emek Hosts Learning Seminar (3)

Rabbi Levi Solomon, Principal of Emek Hebrew Academy, addressing the seminar


This innovative new approach to teaching and learning Chumash provides a step-by-step process for the student to develop the unique Hebrew language skills required to read, break down and decode the Chumash. L’Havin U’Lehaskil features a data driven instruction technique with more individual assessments and state of the art evaluations. The focus on skill development is implemented through the use of beautifully prepared workbooks and texts. The ultimate goal is for each student to possess the skills to read, translate and understand the Chumash text independently and to be able to share