Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles Brings Uncle Moishy to Beverly Hills


For the third consecutive year, families bought tickets to enjoy the sounds and fun of Yeshiva Ketana’s Annual Uncle Moishy Concert. Uncle Moishy has a long history of entertaining Jewish children and is indeed a singing sensation, along with his joyful band of Mitzvah Men. This year the delightful performance took place in Beverly Hills, just a stone’s throw away from the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. Over 800 men, women and children were seated in the plush auditorium of Beverly Hills High School.

The auditorium was lit up by fluorescent glow necklaces which matched the children’s glowing faces as they reveled in the magic that is Uncle Moishy, Cousin Nochum, and Mordy the Mitzvah Man. During intermission there was a run on concessions which included cotton candy, Chanukah cookies and Sufganiyot.

A brief video highlighted the host school, Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles. Though only in its third year of existence, the school has grown to over 60 students across its two locations. It boasts an all-star staff, and uses the latest technology and techniques to bring a high quality Yeshiva education to the Valley. With events like the Uncle Moishy concert, Yeshiva Ketana reaches out to benefit the greater Los Angeles community as well.

After the dynamic performance, the audience left the concert with free shopping totes and chocolate Chanukah gelt to start their Chanukah season. As one audience member said on the way out, “What a class act!”