Order your Groceries Online. Confirm A Delivery Time. Await the Ring of Your Doorbell. Relax and Repeat!


Western Kosher Supermarkets, the vintage food establishment with the oldest glatt kosher butcher store in LA, is entering the world of hi tech. City shoppers can luxuriate in a new online shopping option. No longer does a housebound retiree, a family with a new baby or an office-bound parent have to clear their schedule or pay the housekeeper in order to shop for their weekly groceries. You can avoid the stress, gas prices, parking and the burden of spontaneous purchases by ordering your market needs online and having your glatt kosher food order brought to your home. If orders are placed by noon, the delivery is on the same day.

Western Kosher
Your online shopping list can be input when you the baby is sleeping and you reach for your iPad. Then complete it during a coffee break. The site also allows you to save your shopping list for repeat use. A Shabbat Shopping List can be stored for another week, challah and all. Vacationing with your 6 kids in Redondo Beach? Now have the groceries delivered with the brands you like best and save yourself the trouble of squeezing the shopping into the limited trunk space.

Online shoppers spend more than $6.5 billion dollars in the US and Western Kosher is leading the way into this market for Los Angelinos. With just the click of the mouse, you can order your groceries and sushi besides. Pricing is the same exact price as in the store and the only charge is a $3.95 service fee with no membership fees charged. Western Kosher delivers in Los Angeles, Hancock Park, Fairfax, Pico-Robertson, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood and West Hollywood. Delivery is also possible for Long Beach, Redondo Beach and Palo Alto.

Director of Online Sales, Aaron Pinson, said the online site creates more work for him, but it is a service that moves the store into the tech world in which we live. “We wanted to accommodate the emailed and faxed orders with a more modern approach. There are many customers who find this service works better than making time to shop. We also allow customers to collect their order at the store so they can still pick up last minute items. Otherwise, we call the customer and schedule a delivery time when they will be home. We have three vans that provide local delivery and we have a refrigerated truck that handles delivery for homes that are further away.”

In order to place the order, the shopper will visit the WesternKosher.com website and confirm their delivery zip code is within the delivery area. The site is user friendly and there is also a Smartphone app. Set up your account and then browse through the vast selection of options, all represented by bright, clear images. Pinson spoke to the Jewish Home while, in the background, the store photographer was snapping HD images of the newest items. “Every two weeks we have to order more pictures because we are always adding new products. Every two hours I have to update the site with new prices as well!”

In addition to the online shopping option, Western Kosher is on the verge of announcing a new points system that will, for the first time, allow customers to earn redeemable points for monies spent at the store.

To learn, more visit WesternKosher.com