Tornadoes in a Shoebox


Josh Inselberg

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky on Sunday, April 26, but if there were, students at Cheder Menachem could tell you how they got there. Weather patterns was one of the many scientific topics displayed at the annual Cheder Menachem Science Fair.

Students from first through eighth grade marched into school with their heavily detailed three paned display boards.

Each student, or team of students, displayed their projects in the school shul, where judges made their way through the labyrinth of volcanoes and elephant toothpaste. The projects were creative and varied, from ink made of berries to a battery charger made of fruit. Projects on the harmful effects of smoking and pollution showed how young minds are already tuned to the public good.

Tornadoes in a Shoebox

Students and faculty remarked that it was a quite a year for science at the Cheder and they look forward to the future of science and especially student science projects. The students did tremendous research and their presentation skills were impressive. The judges were asked to review the projects without the students present at first and then students were called in to demonstrate their projects. Award winners were presented with ribbons and medals.