New Learning Program for the Underserved Twenty-Something Crowd


Rabbi Asher Brander announced this week the launch of a new learning program at the Link Kollel in Los Angeles. The program is being created to provide a learning environment for young men who have finished high school and are in their first years of adult life. The program requires two hours study a day and the 10 young men who will be pioneers of this new group will find guidance and serious learning available to them as they balance the demands of the workplace with ongoing Torah study. The learning program will also provide college credits for a local college or for other well- known places of higher education.

Rabbi Brander explained, “The years between 18 and 23 are the most formative and this is the time that young adults create a sense of self-identity, as they emerge from teenage years with a greater sense of their own identity.” The program will be a game changer because such a learning schedule has never previously been available in LA and Rabbi Brander is quick to confirm his willingness to discuss the course with parents and potential students.

Of course, the Link Kollel has been a vibrant place of learning since 2002, offering a broad selection of 55 classes for all ages, all levels of religiosity, men and women. Now, with this newly launched program, young men who should be increasing their learning, during the last years before they start their own family, will be included. More than 100 students, of all ages study at the Link Kollel every day. The young women who study at the Torah Learning Center (TLC,) have gone on to marry men who work but who also have a daily Torah learning program which they bring to the marriage. The great balance is to include work and learning with Torah values. In this way, every day demands and problems can make sense.

Again, Rabbi Brander emphasizes, “Torah is a lifetime labor of love which is how we connect to it. You need the right environment in order to learn and the young men we are interested in, will recognize that it takes a certain maturity and commitment to join the program. I want to find these young men, who might have returned from a year in Israel, or who might be studying at Yeshiva College or secular ones. This program will provide a supportive Rebbe and a learning home at our Beit Midrash in the Pico Robertson neighborhood. A key factor to ongoing study is finding the right environment. The Link Kollel classes have this. Also, we have also designed a faster learning track for stronger students.”

To contact Rabbi Asher Brander, email or call 1453 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, Phone: 310-470-5465. Link Kollel is located 3 blocks south of Pico at Robertson Blvd and Saturn St. Classes and programs are open to Jewish men and women of all backgrounds, without charge, unless otherwise noted.