Young Rabbinical Students Go Back To School


Valley Torah High School’s Boys division is ending the school year with the addition of four young rabbinic students from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, who have joined the Torah Studies staff. These four young men, Ariel Darrison, Noson Felt, Yehoshua Dear and Asher Hennes, have been hosted by the Valley Village community for almost two months.

Rabbi Stulberger, Dean of Valley Torah, says that bringing these young men to Valley Torah aligns with the school’s mission of inspiring its students towards a love of Torah and spiritual growth. “What these Bachurim can accomplish in connecting to high school students and serving as incredible role models cannot be equaled by even the best Rebbeim. The relationships formed during these months very often last for years and make an incredible imprint upon the souls of the students.”

Valley Torah2

“It’s absolutely phenomenal,” said Ariel Darrison, “to see the way students react to the realization that Yeshiva Bochurim and Bnei Torah are regular guys just like us. The unique dynamics of our relationships allow for an extremely close connection with the students, one that fosters an open and welcoming avenue of discussion, friendship and advice. All in all, this privilege has been life changing and it is our sincere hope that many of the students feel the same way.”

The success of the rabbinic students, bodes well for the future of the event and Valley Torah is already looking forward to next year’s program.