“Think Good and It Will be Good” A New Understanding


The potential power of our thoughts is tremendous. In fact, the secret to success lies in the power of thought” – Sara Yosef.

About eight months ago, I came across Rabanit Sara Yosef’s book, “It’s All in Your Mind” through my “Sisters in Simcha” Shabbos learning group. I had no idea how this book would affect my life. I was coming off a very challenging two years, and although I have done a tremendous amount of work on developing myself through Mussar and other very effective character refinement programs, this book came at a moment when I was ready and open to understand this material and it brought new meaning to me.

I am so grateful to Hashem for placing this knowledge in front of me, because I have now incorporated this Torah-sourced positive thinking into my life and it is having a definite impact. For the past eight years my husband and I yearned so deeply to return to Eretz Yisrael, but there was always something that didn’t allow for it to happen. This is how I thought, until I realized it was my own thinking that was not allowing Hashem’s abundance and beneficence to come down into our life.

Because I had bought into the belief of the difficulty of our circumstances, I always expected results to take longer and this was closing the pipeline of abundance that would otherwise have come down to us. I didn’t fully believe that Hashem is in charge of everything, that nothing is too difficult for Him.

Now, with the new understanding I received from Rabanit Yosef’s book, I started visualizing positive things happening and I started to repeat, “Hashem, only You can enable a trip to Eretz Yisrael for Pesach to celebrate our anniversary, a trip that we can afford, with some work that is needed for my husband, and we still have to pay our bills!”

When the trip miraculously materialized, I knew I had to make it my business to find Rabanit Sara Yosef to thank her in person for having such a deep effect on my life. I called my dear friend and Rebbetzin in Israel and said, “PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER!” Hashem delivered a life-changing five week trip with two amazing jobs for my husband and my opportunity to meet Rabanit Yosef.

Rabanit Sara Yosef is the daughter-in-law of the late Gadol Rabbi Yosef Ovadia, zt’l. She resides in Holon, Israel with her husband, Rav Avraham Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Holon, and family. As an events coordinator for various Rebbetzins and Rabbis that have come to Los Angeles in the past, I was astounded at how Hashem brought me to her door step to meet and find out that she was planning to come to Los Angeles after Shavuot and needed someone to coordinate her trip! I finally understand the phrase, “Think Good and It Will be Good.” This truly is a way to increase one’s emunah and bitachon.

When you yearn for results, and you understand that they come directly from Hashem, as a gift, this deepens your trust, and your life is surrounded with peace, because you realize Hashem can change anything at any moment. And then, of course, you never know what a shift in thinking can lead to. Maybe to Eretz Yisrael. Maybe to meet the author whose work affected me so deeply. And maybe to be shaleach for other women to have the opportunity to increase their abundance by experiencing Rabanit Sara Yosef for themselves.

And so I invite all of you, beautiful Jewish women, to give yourselves a gift on this coming Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, to hear Rabanit Yosef’s life-changing, positive-thinking workshop on Tuesday, June 16 at Torat Hayim, and on Thursday, June 18, at Adat Yeshurun in North Hollywood. Both workshops will be in Hebrew with simultaneous professional English translation.

For additional questions, please contact Pesa Chaya Fauman at pesa613@hotmail.com or text 818-720-5118. Event information: Tuesday, June 16 at Torat Hayim, 1026 South Robertson, 90035, 2nd floor Simcha Hall, and Thursday, June 18, at Adat Yeshurun, 2405 Sylvan St. North Hollywood, Los Angeles 91607. Doors open at 7pm and workshops begin promptly at 7.30pm. The cost of each workshop is $25.00 at the door, $20.00 if you sign up by June 9. To reserve a headset please RSVP by June 12. The Rabanit will also be available for private consultations the week of June 16.

It’s All In Your Mind by Sara Josef, can be purchased from amazon.com.