It’s Delish for Fourth Grade Boys at Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu


The annual fourth grade visit to the It’s Delish Factory, was back in action on June 5th. This year’s boys at Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov/Ohr Eliyahu in Los Angeles were treated to a much-loved outing to the It’s Delish factory, owned by Rabbi Grawitsky. The tasty experience was the celebration of the siyumim of three masechtos in Mishnayos: Rosh Hashana, Megilla and Taanis.

Rabbi Grawitsky was happy to take precious time away from food production to give the boys a tour of his factory and explain the importance of Halacha and business ethics in the running of the company. He spoke to the boys about the importance of accurately measuring the candy so that the correct weight is included in each package. Then, Rabbi Grawitsky explained the difficulties of kashrus laws in the food and candy industry.

The Yeshiva boys love this annual trip as it blends interesting and educational elements of Halacha. At the end of the visit, Rabbi Grawitsky generously allowed the boys to make their own caramel popcorn and sample the delicious treat. As you can imagine, the boys had an amazing time and were honored to see one of the largest kosher candy factories in the world.