Journalist, Bret Stephens asks the crowd, “Has Washington Given Up on the Middle East?”


On June 7th Bret Stephens, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, Foreign Affairs Columnist and Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Wall Street Journal, spoke to a packed audience on the subject of, “Has Washington Given Up on the Middle East?” The event was held at the Shapell Sanctuary at Beth Jacob and drew a crowd of nearly 700 people.

The event was introduced by Beth Jacob’s Rabbi Kalman Topp and Tribe media president David Suissa and included Israel Project leader, Josh Black. Conversation touched upon a wide range of issues from the US-Israel relationship to the Iranian threat. The evening was punctuated by lively and insightful dialogue with Mr. Stephens pointing out the surprising alliances between historical enemies in the Middle East and the implications for Israel in particular. This has been referenced in Mr. Stephens recently published book, “America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder”

Repeatedly Bret Stephens has been public with his criticism of Obama’s administration.
“The Middle East, along with our position in it, is unraveling at an astonishing pace. Reckless drivers don’t notice how fast they’re going until they’re about to crash. We are near the point where there will be no walking back the mistakes we have made. No walking away from them either. It takes a special innocence to imagine that nothing in life is irreversible, that everything can be put right, that fanaticism yields to reason and facts yield to wishes, and that the arc of Mideast history bends toward justice.”

All of those in attendance left enlightened and informed about the complicated world in which we live. Many participants expressed their appreciation to the sponsoring organizations for making such high-level discussions available to the broader community.