Lakewood Roshei Hayeshiva and Los Angeles Spend Shabbos Together


Rabbi Arye D. Gordon.

In an ongoing tradition that began decades ago, Roshei Hayeshiva of Beis Medrash Gavoha make the annual visit to the Los Angeles Community, recharging the connection between Yeshiva, its Los Angeles talmidim and the Community.

Following a Shabbos in the LA Communities of LA/Hancock Park and Pico/Robertson/Beverly Hills, the Roshei Hayeshiva, HaravMalkiel Kotler shlita and Harav Dovid Schustal shlita, davened in as many shuls as possible, offering up Divrei Torah and shiurim at every stop.

One of the proud foundations of the Los Angeles Community is its Kollel Los Angeles, inspired and initiated by the Lakewood Yeshiva. The Kollel has been a watering spring of Torah educators, teachers, administrators, rabbis and menahalim of the many yeshivos, day schools, and synagogues that have sprouted throughout Los Angeles.

Two events on Sunday, one a Breakfast Reception in the Pico/Robertson/Beverly Hills Community, was another opportunity for those who could not greet the Roshei Hayeshiva on Shabbos. The breakfast was once again hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manoucheri and both Roshei Hayeshiva offered up Divrei Torah and appreciating for the support of the Los Angeles Community.

The other event was held on Sunday evening May 7, 2015, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Meir Levine and the Reception Chairman, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.

This annual Reception for the Lakewood Yeshiva was a final opportunity with their Roshei Hayeshiva. The program began with words of welcome from Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. In thanking the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Meir Levine, Reb Shlomo eluded to their enormous support for Bais Medrash Gavoha. In commenting on the foundation of the Kollel in Los Angeles, it was, said Reb Shlomo, through the initiative and efforts of Reb Meir and others in the community that the Kollel established a beach head in Los Angeles.

Reb Shlomo then introduced Harav Pinchas Gruman, a talmid and musmach of Rav Aharon zt”l, who has been a key speaker at every asifa in Los Angeles for Beis Medrash Gavoha for more than 30 years. Harav Gruman, who is the Rov of the Kesher Torah Shul in the Hancock Park area is sgan rabbanim and one of the few remaining direct connections to the venerable Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Aharon zt”l. Rav Gruman’s words of chizuk and divrei torah were developed through the weekly Parsha describing the travels of Bnai Yisroel in the dessert, “Al Pi Hashem Yisa’u Al Pi Hashem Yachnu.” It is in this manner that the Lakewood Yeshiva is guided in all its endeavors.

Rav Gruman then introduced the Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Malkiel Kotler, Shlita.
The Rosh Hayeshiva shared Divrei Torah with the assembled and stressed that the current parshas teaches us about G-d’s connection to us, hashraos shechina and how that bond has resulted in v’chayei olam nata b’socheinu, binding us to the Torah.

The evening ended with rabbanim and talmidim sharing with their Rosh Hayeshiva stories and memories from their yeshiva experience and bidding farewell once again to their beloved Roshei Hayeshiva.