The Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship is The Ultimate Gift


Shoshana Bernstein.

Shavuos heralded the end of Sefira and ushered in the wedding season. Now, Klal Yisroel is, Boruch Hashem, busy with simchas. This is the season when the delight of a wedding, or chasunah, is followed by another chasunah; the joy and bracha of a wedding takes front and center in so many people’s lives.

The Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship Program gives you the opportunity to maximize the bracha of the simcha with a unique, meaningful and eternal gift. The Kollel, which has locations in the United States and Eretz Yisroel, features exemplary talmidei chachomim who gather every evening at chatzos halailah to learn Torah throughout the night.

Rabbi Herschel Leiner, the renowned President of H. Leiner and Co., married off his youngest son exactly one year ago. As he was driving up to the hall on the day of the chasunah, he received a phone call from Kollel Chatzos asking if he would like to sponsor learning that night in honor of the wedding. They explained that this special sponsorship option includes the kollel in Eretz Yisroel as well as Monsey, which results in Torah learning taking place, as a zechus for the chosson and kallah.

“I was extremely moved by the idea. After having done everything to make the chasuna as meaningful and possible for our family, sponsoring Kollel Chatzos was a beautiful way to complete our simcha! It was the first thing I told the chosson and kallah at the end of the chasunah – that in their zechus, Torah had been learned throughout the night. Six months later, Kollel Chatzos contacted me for assistance in broadening their message to a wider demographic; they didn’t need to explain what they’re all about. I was already extremely impressed!”

The eternal zechus which is generated by gifting a night of learning makes the Kollel Chatzos Wedding Sponsorship Program different from all others; this is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Marrying off our children is the culmination of the years of Torah chinuch we have endeavored to instill within them. As the young couple prepares to build their home based on Torah, which for many begins with full time learning, it is especially auspicious to gift them with the bracha of Torah learning, orchestrated on their behalf. It’s a beautiful way to start their marriage.

The wedding sponsorship package includes a beautiful plaque, embossed with the chosson and kallah’s name and date of their wedding and the special hadlakas neiros tefilla. This is a tangible momentum of the eternal zechus at the start of married life.

For more information on gifting this one-of-a-kind simcha, call for the Kollel Chatzos Wedding Package at 1-855-CHATZOS (242-8967), website: www.1855CHATZOS.ORG