Western Kosher Takes a Break with 195,000 People


“We’re an easy going store. Laid back, you could say. Of course we are glatt kosher as well but we were open to being part of something fun. And then the Take a Break production people called us. They wanted to support a local business by putting a comedian in the store. We laughed at the idea. And we can poke fun at ourselves. Internet users should know that a glatt kosher grocery store is not old fashioned.” So said Katriel Green, manager of Western Kosher on Pico.

The short movie was filmed at Western Kosher at the end of May and it went to youtube at the start of June. The fun had begun; the movie went viral. Perhaps you are one of the thousands who watched the hilarious sketch by British talk show host, James Corden?

Corden has been filming his late night show at studios on Fairfax so the witty presenter visited local businesses that let him temporarily replace one of the employees. Corden then creates riotous pranks at the store or restaurant, with a shtick that is witty and fun.

At Western Kosher, he upped the ante. During his three hour shoot on a recent Friday afternoon, he worked with store assistant, Sruly Dubov. Keeping Corden in check is not easy and the outcome was fairly outrageous. His phone answering style was a cheeky, “What?!” During his stint he redesigned the layout of sirloin steaks into a smiley face. Then, against strongly worded advice, he indelicately cut up his wife’s credit card on the dangerously sharp cutting blade. Not being designed for such activity, it had to be thrown out. Next, filled with a love of life, Corden leapt onto the forklift truck and drove it with abandonment. Green thought he probably broke every OSHA guideline for the safe use of a forklift.

Despite the chaos, Corden was a pleasure to have in the store. Green again adding, “He’s just so funny. Some people are hysterical in a public setting but are not actually sidesplitting in real life. Corden is not one of those people. His view of life, from any perspective, is utterly original and funny. He tried to pronounce the words halav yisrael and the whole store was cracking up. When he tried to say chrein, he choked because of the stress. We choked because of his performance.”

You can watch the clip on youtube at Take a Break: Kosher Butcher

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