Table for 8, Please!


Adas Torah Singles’ Friday Night Dinner and Oneg

On Friday night, June 19th, the second Tfor8 program by Adas Torah took place with enormous success. Tfor8, or Table for Eight, is a shidduchim model lifted from Australia in which singles are appropriately placed together at meals in order to have the opportunity to meet their potential soulmate.

The lovely evening was planned by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Revah, Ariella Teichman and Yossi Parry. Groups of eight singles – four men and four women – between the ages of 20 and 35, enjoyed a Friday night dinner together at the homes of seven Adas Torah families.

Later there was a beautiful neighborhood Oneg, where there were more chances to meet other singles and network with Shadchanim over the dessert buffet. The Oneg brought together over 80 participants and 15 married facilitators including Rochelle Frankel, a successful Shadchan and wedding planner from LA. The turnout was unprecedented.

Now, the facilitators have been busy following up on ideas that were generated from the evening and are energetically planning new events over the course of the next months. The response and interest in such events has been enormous and all look forward to more to come. Listen out for future events in your neighborhood!

To get involved as a facilitator or participant and to find out about the next event, please email: