The Gift of Rabanit Sara Yosef


by Pesa Chaya Fauman.

The room was filled with wonderful Jewish women from so many different Los Angeles communities. Everyone was in a very joyous mood, Rosh Chodesh was in the air and there was a feeling of anticipation for something great to come! To our great merit, Rabanit Sara Yosef’s two hour workshop exceeded everyone’s expectations.

On Tuesday, June 16th, over 150 Jewish women attended the event at Torat Hayim. Rabanit Sara Yosef is a powerful speaker and teacher, “If you think I was born in a family and everything was assured and I grew in a positive way, it’s completely not true. I became who I am today at a relatively older age and I ask myself why I spent so many years of my life in negative thoughts”.

As she faced her audience she told them how Los Angeles, in her mind, was the end of the world, and she had been teaching in New York and Miami, which kept her plenty busy, but, “It seems that Ha Kadosh Baruchu had a different plan and probably I have a mission to be here.” What a good mission this has been, because all the women were profoundly affected that night. “I read her book and studied it, but I didn’t understand how to utilize it until I heard the Rabanit tonight,” said Tal Haredim

The Rabanit started with a story that happened in Jerusalem many years ago in the neighborhood of Mea Shearim. There was a Rabbi there who used to walk on the street and he saw a young child, two years old, who fell on his hand, which was bleeding heavily. The Rabbi picked up the child and ran with him to get aid. The grandmother was watching from the balcony and saw the Rabbi running with the baby, but initially she didn’t know it was her grandson because the Rabbi was farther away. The grandmother called out from upstairs, “Rabbi, Don’t worry! Until the wedding he will be fine, don’t be hysterical!” The Rabbi said to himself, “I’m curious to know what she would say if it was her grandson.” Then, he came closer and she started to scream, now realizing this was indeed her grandchild. The Rabbi saw how things had changed and replied back to the grandmother, “Don’t worry, until the wedding he will be fine!”

The Rabanit explained, “The depth of this story describes to us that we have a deep belief and faith until we have to cope with our own tests and challenges.” The question is, “How can we can cope with a test?” We believe that Hashem helps, but are we sure? Do we fully trust?

The Rabanit took the audience on a journey to re-connect with G-d by bringing a new understanding to Emunah (Faith) and Bitachon (Trust). Bringing to mind various sources from Bereshit and Gemaras,she helped everyone understand that when you want something in your life and you are not getting it and you say to yourself – not even verbalizing it but to your inner self – “Maybe I don’t deserve it,” we are limiting our potential. What we really need to understand is that when a person says this he is closing the gates of Heaven. He is closing up the pipeline of abundance that’s supposed to come to us with this negative thinking.

So, where do we learn to request what we need from Hashem? When Moshe was in heaven for 40 days and 40 nights, Hashem opened the whole world for him and showed him how much abundance and gifts and presents are given to humanity for the mitzvot that the individual fulfills. Hashem then showed Moshe even more abundance, and infinite success, and Moshe asked the Ribono Shel Olam, “What do people need to do to deserve these gifts?” Hashem said to him, “You don’t have to do anything. Anyone who has trust, bitachon, in me, that’s a special treasured place. For those who trust me, I give out for free, but only when there is trust – not 99% but 100% certainty. Trust is a vessel to receive abundance. If a person has this, he can receive anything he dreams in his life. How can I rest assured that I will receive what I ask for?
And what do I need to feel when I have trust? I am relaxed, I am not worried. I’m not asking who can help me. Maybe he can, maybe she can, I am not turning around in my bed thinking how to solve my problem. This is one of the points that the Rebettzin focused on and she gave great tools to help develop this level of trust.

The Rabanit brought many insights on the power of positive and negative thinking, and the power of using our imagination. “Each one of us has a spark, a part of Hashem. And such as Hashem created the world from a thought, He said light should come up. Look in Bereshit, everything that was created is by Hashem’s words. He thought and the world came into existence. That’s why each and every one of us can create the changes in own life with the spiritual power of positive thinking.” The Rebbetzin also shared the idea that living in fear might bring the actual event to pass, even though Hashem didn’t decree it! “To me that was the most profound idea.” said Terri Levin Shared

Perel Dena Hochman shared her experience after the workshop, “Rabanit Yosef wakes a person up to the myriad of negative thoughts both in our minds and in our surrounding environment. Since studying her book, and taking her workshop and listening nightly to her CD I am more conscious of my own negative self-talk and perceptions. The powerful tools she emphasizes create a step by step blueprint for positivity and flow of Hashem’s bracha.“ Gila Yakovi was also inspired, “I will start a brand new life after this workshop,” she said.

Two nights later, Sara Yosef spoke again at Adat Yeshurun in the Valley for an equally captivating second workshop called, “Forgiveness, Anger and Relationships. Making peace/Distance Yourself from Negative People” Attendeee Leah Gold shared her feelings after the event, saying, “She gave me the tools I never received from anyone else!”

Part of the success of both evenings was the brilliant translation by Rabbi David Toledano who was able to transmit the essence of the Rabanit’s message with a precise and charming simultaneous translation.

Both evenings were videotaped and will soon be available in English and in Hebrew for purchase.

To order the videos of the Workshops either in Hebrew or English, or to buy Rabanit Sara Yosef’s book “It’s All In Your Mind” and to get her CD’s with 11 different meditations with guided imagery and to get more information on the Rabanit Sara Yosef 10 week Positive Thinking Workshop, please contact Pesa Chaya Fauman at or call 818-720-5118. Website is