Money, Moods and Mommy Matters.


On July 12th, Shaarey Zedek Shul hosted 48 women for a Ladies Night Out that included discussion of two very important topics. The event was organized by Miriam Uvsitzky who has plans to bring the program to the Pico/Robinson neighborhood over the next months.

With a welcome that included wine, light refreshments and a great raffle, the event also brought two excellent speakers to share their wisdom. The first speaker was Sarah Chana Silverstein, a popular herbalist who has received plenty of media attention for her knowledge of herbal remedies.

Silverstein explained how a woman’s mood can change hormonally. That said, a wife and mother has to remain strong with her endless responsibilities. Women can naturally preserve their equilibrium by taking certain plant extracts that will bring calm when there might otherwise be a tendency to unravel. Among her suggestions for building this shield is the plant extract, Skullcap. Studies have shown that, Skullcap can help eliminate trouble sleeping, anxiety and nervous tension. The perfect product for the visit of the In-law’s this summer!

The second speaker was Dina Michael, a mother and entrepreneur who gave the ladies a list of the ten most important tips we should be using to ensure financial stability. The list included the importance of setting up a will. It’s easy to delay but this is an essential estate planning document that protects and helps your family. Michael also discussed the importance of families properly protecting themselves with life insurance – which is really “love insurance”. The importance of properly preparing for retirement is equally critical as Social Security payments and pension payments are no longer adequate.

Uvsitzky was pleased with the event adding, “Today’s Mom’s are multi-tasking all the time. This Night Out was designed to offer a variety of entertaining ideas and activities that works for several areas of a busy woman’s life. Now that this program has been launched so successfully, I can’t wait until the next event.”

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