Baruch Hashem, the Girls’ Tehillim Be’al Peh group at Em Habanim Sephardic Congregation in Valley Village, held another beautiful event this past Sunday, celebrating the 110 chapters learned in this round by the participants: Liel Cohen, Ariella Kublin, Chaya Kublin, Hodaya Levy, Leah Schwartz, Shira Michaela Totayev, Ruthy Wolf and Shira Zer-Chen. The program opened with Ruthy leading the assembled girls and moms in chapter 100.

Next each girl was presented with a certificate of achievement, her cash prize, and a dollar for tzedakah – while in our previous events we gave a $1 bill for this purpose, we have now changed to two rolls of pennies, so the girls can give two cents every day for 50 days, getting 50 mitzvot, instead of one mitzvah for giving $1 once. The girls who were not present for the second round each received a blank tzedakah box to decorate at home.

Em Habanim

Finally, each new participant also received a little gold butterfly pin as a reminder that just like a little butterfly flapping its wings in California changes the weather in China, a Jewish girl saying Tehillim changes the spiritual “weather” in the world for the better by bringing down extra kedushah. Following the presentation everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Being that we are in the Nine Days, the theme of this round’s event was the Bet HaMikdash. Two girls shared art projects they made at home depicting the Bet HaMikdash, then the girls built a beautiful model Bet HaMikdash which is now on display in the Em Habanim foyer. Before leaving, each family received a complete kit to enable everyone to build a model at home.

The theme of our next round’s event will be Tishrei, and the event will be in the latter part of Elul. We look forward to new participants joining, please contact Ellen Kronick at ekronick@dslextreme.com to enroll your daughters. Participation is free.