Cheder Menachem Young Leadership Hosts Book Signing


The young leadership of the Cheder Menachem in Los Angeles hosted a preview event and book signing launch of veteran Shliach, Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie’s new book, “The Secret of Chabad -Inside the world’s most successful Jewish movement”. The book is slated for release on August 17th and has already climbed to the number one title in Amazon’s section for new books on Judaism and history.

The book tells how the Rebbe transformed the agenda of modern Jewry, moving Chabad from a small Chassidic group to the largest Jewish organization in the world. It promises to follow in the wake of last year’s bestsellers on the Rebbe.

Rabbi Eliezrie focused in his remarks on six crucial ideas that formed the core of the revolution the Rebbe brought the Jewish world.

The Cheder wishes tremendous hatzlucha to Rabbi Eliezrie as he begins his 12 month book tour which will take him to many cities around the world.

Hosted in the backyard of Tzvika and Rivka Ferszt. MC’d by Mendel Schwartz. Dvar Torah by Dean of Cheder Menachem, Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum. Production by Yossi Burston.