Tee off for Tomchei, Free Tea at Tomchei


The numbers are in: Tomchei Shabbos is excited to announce the tremendous success of its First Annual Tomchei LA Golf Classic.

On a sunny morning on July 27th, hundreds of Tomchei Shabbos supporters were greeted by the blended aromas of freshly brewed coffee and freshly manicured fairways. The crowd had arrived at the exclusive Mountain Gate Country Club, located high in the hills above the 405, not far from the Getty Museum and Brentwood.

After an elaborate breakfast, catered by La Gondola, the putting contest and final tournament preparations were well underway. By 11am, a sold out crowd of more than 140 golfers was sent out to tee off for Tomchei. Golfers included PGA pros and celebrities, but players of all levels were able to enjoy the game and the giveaways– caps, jackets, polo’s, mugs, cigars, colognes, towels, and more, along with delicious appetizers and freshly BBQ’d food that awaited everyone at each hole. There were also contests including, the Hole-in-one, long drive, closest to pin, shot-of-a-lifetime and an array of on-course fun, accompanied by high end spirits, wine and beer.

Later in the afternoon, Title sponsor Yosef Manela, founder & CEO of Manela & Co, was lifted from the fairway by a helicopter in front of 250 enthralled guests. From high above the crowd, Manela dropped 600 golf balls and a few of the attendees were the lucky winners who split the pot with a chance to win up to $10,000. A wave of 150 additional guests arrived for the evening event that featured cocktails, hand rolled cigars, a raffle, a wine tasting by Herzog wine cellars, live music, and a lavish buffet awards dinner, during which the winners were announced: Anthony Behrstock, Rodney Fingelson, Robin Israel and Benjy Israel.

“I’m gratified and thrilled that this event was a stellar sell out,” said Manela. “Tomchei Shabbos is a special organization that distinguishes itself in so many ways. The average American believes that a charity should spend no more than 23 percent on annual overhead. Our overhead rate averages BELOW FIVE percent. In terms of efficiency, Tomchei Shabbos ranks in the top half percent of nonprofit organizations in the United States!”

This year 385 families–approximately 2,600 individuals–will benefit from a wide range of items including household supplies, food, and other services. Through an arrangement that Tomchei Shabbos has developed with clothing manufacturers, that families will be able to purchase outfits at deeply discounted prices when they attend the Tomchei Shabbos Clothing event. With the help of Tomchei Shabbos, many Jewish families in Los Angeles are able to maintain their dignity while dealing with the high expenses of living in this city.

With rising costs, the number of those needing help has increased annually by approximately 10%, revealed Tomchei Shabbos Administrator Schneur Braunstein in a conversation with The Jewish Home. “As the newly-wedded expand their family and their needs, we help by getting the best pricing on items essential to a Jewish home. Sixty-five per cent of our Tomchei recipients are families with young children. We also work with hardworking, struggling singles. Sadly, there is now a waiting list for our services. With our budget, we can support only so many people. Fortunately, we are blessed with a vibrant volunteer community that allows us to use our budget for food and home supplies, not labor costs. Believe me, we get the most out of every dollar in our $2.5million annual account.”

What’s the best part of Tomei Shabbos? Braunstein is undecided. “I’m proud of the essentials we provide day in and day out—food, diapers, furniture, new clothing, employment support, resume writing, toys and financial assistance. And once in a while you get to spread a little magic. Twice a year on Chol Hamoed Pesach and Succos we distribute 1,000 Knott’s Berry Farm tickets, thanks to one of our wonderful anonymous donors. Events like that create happy memories for life, especially for those struggling to make ends meet. This Rosh Hashanah and Succos, we plan to distribute over 8,000 lbs. of chicken and meat and close to 10,000 pounds of fresh produce along with thousands of fresh challahs, cakes and wine and a variety of dry goods. In addition, special for Rosh Hashanah, we will give out over 1,000 pounds of fresh fruit, hundreds of jars of honey, and probably 400 pomegranates. Over the course of the upcoming holidays we will give out close to $100,000 in store credit. Tomchei solely relies on its donors to help us in helping those who have nowhere else to turn”.

To make a donation, to volunteer, or to apply for help, contact info@tomcheila.org, visit the website http://www.tomcheila.org or call 323.851.1000