New Engineering Program Launched at Cheder Menachem and Ohel Chana High School


Cheder Menachem is one of a select group of Jewish Day Schools nationwide that are now launching an innovative, new, CIJE-Tech MS engineering program designed specifically for middle school grades. Ohel Chana Girls High School has also launched the STEM Program. These are the first Chabad schools to offer the CIJE STEM program to their students.

The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education has introduced the new CIJE program at 35 schools for the 2015-2016 school year. The program provides students with a challenging and rigorous program of study focusing on the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects, as well as experience in teamwork, innovative thinking and problem solving. Each class receives equipment and materials from CIJE and the teachers undergo specialized training to “reorient” how they approach class material.

Judy Lebovits, CIJE vice president and director, explained, “This new program is going to give our Jewish Day School and Yeshiva students a greater advantage in STEM curriculum which encourages innovation, creativity and problem solving.” Over the course year, students will be developing all types of products and machines, ranging from advanced circuitry to bridge building to developing prosthetic limbs.

“At Cheder Menachem, students are inspired to recognize every aspect of learning as part of their journey to become productive members of society and leaders in their individual communities,” said Mrs. Yudi Blauner, general studies coordinator. “Partnering with CIJE provides our students the ability to learn, ask, think, and discover essential skills for life and for 21st century learning.”

“The incredible professionals at CIJE have brought a sense of innovation, positivity and creativity previously unseen in our science classes,” explained Esther Kreiman, Ohel Chana General Studies Principal. “The most incredible thing about CIJE are the professionals we’ve met who work tirelessly day after day to make sure that our students are receiving the best, most comprehensive Science education out there. Our school is very excited to see the long lasting benefits of CIJE’s science program in our students’ lives.”

Dr. Adrian Krag, director of West Coast STEM programs added, “From pre-K-12, CIJE looks forward to continue expanding the number of advanced core curriculum and STEM programs on the west coast to ensure a new generation of innovators in our schools.”

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