Bringing Genesis to Life at YULA High Schools


It is not every day that the YULA campus is graced with the presence of US soldiers in uniform. But at the Genesis Academy for Innovation Launch event on October 14, soldiers were in attendance to express their gratitude for the incredible work of YULA Genesis students.

As part of the Genesis program for STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), YULA High Schools have partnered with the Office of Veterans Affairs on the Prosthetics Challenge to bring awareness to Veterans with disabilities, their challenges, and how STEM capabilities can provide assistance. And prosthetic limbs are only the beginning. Thanks to the Genesis Academy and the new Innovation Lab, YULA students are being given hands on critical innovative lessons outside the standard setting and curriculum.

The program also has expanded its reach thanks to the Genesis Pod, a mobile computer technology center offering on-site computer programming, as well as student internship and mentoring opportunities. Rounding out the Genesis program is a series of lectures and speakers, a full curriculum, exciting competitions, and off-site trips, arming YULA students with the revolutionary technological knowledge that will prepare them for professional and exciting careers in the future.

After more than two years of planning and countless hours of hard work, the Genesis Academy for Innovation was just revealed to the wider community on Wednesday night, October 14th at the Boys School campus.

While Genesis student ambassadors performed demonstrations, more than 250 participants had the chance to experience the Genesis Pod, the Innovation Lab and its numerous demonstrations, including bicycle powered blenders making delicious smoothies! “Seeing three years of planning and hard work demonstrated in one night was absolutely incredible,” said Genesis visionary and founder Sheri Shlesinger. “Now that the program is in full swing, I am looking forward to making it a part of each YULA student’s high school experience and accessible on any level, whether you are interested in the sciences or humanities.”

Echoing Ms. Schlesinger’s sentiments was YULA Boys junior Noam Gershov. “Being a part of this historic night for YULA was really inspiring. It showed me everything that Genesis has to offer. I did not realize the extent of the amazing possibilities within the program, and I can see myself getting more involved in the future. Experiencing the Oculus Rift (virtual reality) in the Genesis Innovation Lab was a big highlight of the night!” YULA Girls sophomore Rivkah Abrams agreed, “I feel blessed to take part in this pioneering programs at YULA.”