On Thanksgiving Day, while most people were busy basting turkeys, cooking casseroles, and enjoying the company of their extended family, members of Los Angeles’s volunteer Hatzolah EMS were meeting up at Schwartz’ bakery on Pico. Hatzolah of Los Angeles’ volunteers gave their time on Thanksgiving to show gratitude to the local police and fire departments that serve the many communities that Hatzolah covers.

Representing the Jewish communities of LA, Hatzolah volunteers went from station to station delivering delicious customized cakes that carried a message of thanks. This has been a tradition of Hatzolah’s for the several years. In all, the Hatzolah EMTs, and their families, visited 15 stations from six different agencies.

They visited the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments, Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff Departments and the Beverly Hills Fire and Police Departments. Each received a cake, along with smiles and thanks.


Hatzolah’s Executive Director Michoel Bloom, along with Chief of Operations David Bacall, organized and led the group of ten Hatzolah members along with 15 children. The recipients were more than grateful.

Bloom explained, “It was more than just a thank you on thanks giving. These men and women gave up being home with their families, to protect our community. So we decided to bring our families to them, to show them how much they meant to us.”

Bacall added, “With everything going on in the world these days, it is important to build upon these public/private partnerships. Hatzolah is not just about helping Jews, it is about emulating Jewish philosophies, like giving back to the greater community, and saying thanks. That is why we volunteer.”

Hatzolah of Los Angeles is an all-volunteer Emergency Medical Service which operates out of the Jewish community. Hatzolah’s primary mission is to provide a rapid response to medical emergencies and disasters. All of its responders are State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Hatzolah is a 501c3 non-profit whose main source of funding comes from private donations.

For more information contact Hatzolah of Los Angeles http://www.HatzolahofLA.org