The Longest Shiur; 18 Hours of Live Teaching!


Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, is hiring a tech. crew for an unusual project. Recognizing the need to raise scholarship funds to help cover the cost of school fees, he is readying for the Longest Shiur Program ever. On December 24th, from midnight until 6pm, Einhorn will be teaching an 18 hour class. The coordination of such an epic event requires a production crew who can stay awake and focused for a lengthy time. Einhorn is determined he will find his team and his funds.

“Of course, I will also get tired, but 18 is a very positive number and I want to reach the most successful outcome,” he explained. The financial goal of the Longest Shiur Program is $200,000 which will be used to help families who can’t afford Yeshiva day school tuition. at Yeshivat Yavneh, Einhorn’s school, and at other Jewish schools around the country.

“We have the ability to accept 498 students and we currently have 492. This is better than we had three years ago when I joined the school but there are kids who are falling through the gap. And there are kids who have left for lower cost school options. We need to help the students stay in the doors.”

Preparing for the epic shiur is an epic task but Einhorn knows that the end will be the highlight of the event because students from Yavneh will then join him in celebration of their creation of 18,000 questions about the book of Genesis. There is no end to the learning possibilities.

The Longest Shiur

Einhorn has created a schedule for classes which will be about controversial and cutting-edge subjects, using the Torah’s wisdom as the answer. Subjects will be taught for an hour at a time and participants can call-in with questions at certain points during the session. Topics include, “Peering at Andromeda: Are there Aliens somewhere in the Cosmos?” and later, “Jacob’s Ladder and the Stairway to Heaven: Does Secular Culture have a home in this Religion?” There is, “Flight Club: What it means when Rabbis in the Talmud argue?” and in the final hour, “Judaism Alive: Why nothing compares to Torah.”

“The classes will be made available for online learning in the future but during The Longest Shiur, I expect many will leave the livestream download running all night…and all day as well!”

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