LA Hakhel Unity in support of Educators


The Los Angeles community came out to show support for their teachers at the second annual Corks & Forks event, a community-wide unity and Hakhel gathering hosted jointly by Cheder Menachem and Bais Chaya Mushka. The fundraiser was created to show special appreciation and support to the teachers who make these schools academically strong and outstanding in the promotion of Torah values and the teachings of the Rebbe.

This year’s event was unique as it highlighted the idea of Hakhel and unity among the Los Angeles community in Chinuch along with appreciation of those educating our children. Headlining the event from Kansas City was Kosher pit master Mendel Segal (RaBBi-Q), and from New York and Boston, were Rabbis Simon Jacobson and Moshe Lieberman, respectively.

The barbecued fare included premium barbecued brisket sponsored by Tevya’s Ranch. This had the crowd abuzz and the brisket was paired appropriately with a collection of premium and rare Herzog wines, sponsored by the Herzog Family, LA. While Segal’s carving station was busy with non-stop requests for platefuls of his award-winning menu, attendees learned of the intricacies of authentic barbecue and wined and dined on an amazing spread prepared together with Segal by Dovid Lieder, of the LA Kosher Catering service bearing his name.

Those gathered then made their way to the Cheder’s auditorium for the highlight of the evening, a roundtable symposium on Chinuch led by Rabbi Jacobson and Rabbi Lieberman. “Rabbi Jacobson’s success at resonating with today’s parents with his My Life series made him an obvious choice for the night’s symposium,” said Mendel Schwartz, the evening’s MC and an organizer of the event. “Coupled with Rabbi Lieberman’s unique and insightful style, the symposium was a breath of fresh air for those parents looking for insight and guidance with regard to raising their budding families.”

Organizers said their goal was to raise money which will be distributed as grants to teachers at both LA’s Cheder Menachem Boys School, and Bais Chaya Mushka, LA’s Chabad School for Girls. “Our large pool of event sponsors, comprising of both businesses and community members, has allowed us to create an event in which all segments of the community can participate and enjoy an upscale evening benefiting our schools,” said Yechezkel Raeburn, another of the event’s organizers. “We’re not raising money for building expansions and fancy curricula,” said Levy Lieberman during an impassioned speech at the closing of the event, “we are investing in the basics. This is an investment we know will reap returns for generations to come.”

“To witness the community’s participation in this endeavor is heartwarming,” Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, Dean of Cheder Menachem agreed. “To see such hakoras hatov from all segments of the community, in the true spirit of Hakhel, certainly gives the Rebbe a tremendous amount of nachas. It is a zechus we can all share and be proud of. It is my fervent hope that this momentum continues to move us forward, so that we can carry on showing our teachers the respect and appreciation they truly deserve.”