Misameach Inaugurates West Coast Branch in Los Angeles


Rabbi Arye D Gordon

Misameach is an organization operating in the New York and New Jersey areas since 2007. Their mission is to bring smiles to the faces of sick children and their families. On Sunday, November 29th, Misameach inaugurated its West Coast branch. Misameach’s West Coast director is Rabbi Menachem Weiss who is spearheading the operations in Los Angeles.

The first activity was the hospital visit by four Misameach volunteers who paid a visit to the prestigious Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where a four year old girl enjoyed the joy and cheer brought on by the talented and energetic Misameach participants.


They came in costume and with live music, dancing, singing and juggling for the little girl. At first, she was shy but soon she burst into smiles as the music started. By the time the group left, the smallest patient was happy and relaxed. Then she was given a gift. The Misameach group stayed for an hour, but the impression they left, will last for months.

In conjunction with their first bedside visit, Misameach inaugurated their multimedia lending library, which is located in the main Jewish neighborhood of Lost Angeles. The library contains hundreds of hours of entertainment for bedridden and home bound children and adults alike. It is the fourth branch, with the others operating on the East Coast.

Misameach is excited to bring its operations to Los Angeles where they can help cholim and their families. Their services will expand as the need arises, but one thing is for sure; they are certain they will leave no stone unturned in their quest to spread smiles and joy wherever they go.

For more information on Misameach’s West Coast branch, contact Rabbi Menachem Weiss at 818 809 7893 Website: http://www.misameach.org Email: info@mismeach.com