Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

In last week’s Parsha we read that Moshe Rabeinu told the Yidden, pakod pakaditi. Indeed, Hashem had remembered their plight and had sent Moshe to lead them out of Egypt. They believed him, anticipating their long awaited redemption.

What follows is a mixture of, “Why do bad things happen? Can’t we just have it all now?”

Although the Yidden were told they were leaving, their situation actually worsened and was then followed by the ten plagues. The process of redemption might have started but it was multi-faceted. They were sent to Egypt for a purpose. This included the specifics of how they would ultimately leave.

The Arizal Hakadosh writes that the generation preceding the coming of Moshiach have the same souls as our ancestors in Mitzrayim. And today, we are experiencing the above emotions.

Jews throughout the generations imparted to their children that, although scattered throughout the world, the creator would gather us m’arba kanfos ha’aretz, from across the globe, ushering in a time of world peace. No more wars, hunger or jealousy. Forever. We’ve been told that our generation is that generation. We will be the ones to experience it.

Yet much of what we see doesn’t match up. The security situation in Israel seems to be worse than ever, we now have a suicidal enemy without and within. And although miracles abound, they seem to be superfluous. Who needs Russia to be reigning in Hezbollah, rebels to weaken the Assad regime, Saudi Arabia to tame Iran… when we are expecting no less than the complete redemption!

But there’s a process, a G-dly plan, and everything we see is happening for a purpose.

Perhaps, like Moshe, we need to question Hashem, stating that we would gladly forego the great miracles, let’s just get out now. Regardless, we need to recognize the hand of G-d in all that we’re experiencing, this is indeed the lead up to the Messianic times.

This might be the only belief still needing pure faith. Belief in a creator, afterlife and spirituality have become part of a rational belief system, not necessarily requiring us to tap into our old fashioned yidishe emunah. But, the belief in Moshiach combines physical reality with spiritual revelation. The present and the future. And for this we need faith.

The prophets of old have prophesied such a time will come and we believe in their words. It’s that simple.

May we have a liberating Shabbos,


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