Talk Israel App Launches with Up-To-Date News


On December 1st, the Israeli-American Council (IAC) announced the launch of a new service called Talk Israel. Talk Israel is an app which will speed the way that news and events is shared. The mobile application will aggregate news from dozens of online sources and share them with users.

Registered users can note their interests and Talk Israel will match their interests with relevant bulletins. Israelis, Jews and other Israeli advocates can now broaden their knowledge base and this will impact the ease of blogging and sharing information. More than a dozen pro-Israel organizations have already begun partnering with Talk Israel to include their content on the Talk Israel app and more are expected to sign on in the coming months.

“Talk Israel is a platform for collaboration designed to bring the entire pro-Israel community together,” explained Adam Milstein, President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and the National Chairman of the IAC, which provided the funding and staff support for bringing Talk Israel to the market. “To put it simply, this tool will allow the pro-Israel community to advocate on social media faster and smarter.”

Created as a non-profit initiative by the Israeli-American Council, Talk Israel was developed by Dr. Amir Give’on, a former NASA-JPL scientist, Daphna Wegner, a former DreamWorks Animation programmer, and Gadi Rouache, an award-winning creative director.

“Talk Israel harnesses the extraordinary power of technology to determine over time what type of pro-Israel content appeals to each individual user, using that understanding to deliver the stories that they are most likely to share,” said Dr. Give’on.

Talk Israel aggregates news releases from dozens of sources using Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds and pro-Israel organizations’ social media channels. Content is analyzed and broken down into approximately 50 components, including its subject matter, tone, and form.

The system measures users’ level of engagement with each piece of content – for instance, whether they shared an article or read it in its entirety. The application’s unique analytics system will empower organizations to understand what content is most popular and whether their message has reached new audiences.

Now available for free, and ad-free on iPhones and Android based phones.