2016 Kosher Food and Wine Festival Boosts Kosher Culinary Options


Ruth Judah

The Peterson Automotive Museum reopened its doors to the public in December, showcasing a superb collection of antique and collectible cars. Next month, the museum will play host to an event that also celebrates the finer things in life; The 2016 Kosher Food and Wine Experience Los Angeles. Taking place on March 2nd, the day and evening activities offer a celebration of a broad selection of quality kosher wine and designer fare to an estimated 1,200 guests.


The event was fully sold out last year, where guests tasted the latest table wines alongside limited edition wines and tasty morsels from leading chefs. So successful was last year’s Hollywood VIP lounge that the London and New York KFWE events will now offer their own VIP experiences this year, driving KFWE Los Angeles to go bigger and better and their glamorous VIP penthouse party.

This year’s KFWE Los Angeles is the largest kosher food and wine event on the west coast, inviting the public to experience a huge variety of wines from around the world and kosher cuisine from the hottest chefs in Los Angeles. This year’s rooftop VIP lounge will additionally offer rare and exclusive wines, spirits, cocktails, private menus and hand-rolled cigars to 250 ticket holders. VIP guests will also get to unleash their inner thrill-seekers with access to The Petersen’s state-of-the-art racing simulators.


Legendary producers, Herzog Wine Cellars, will be there and introducing their new wines, designs and other surprises for attendees. One if these is Herzog Limited Edition Camouflage. Grown in the Herzog’s own Prince Vineyard. This Bordeaux inspired field blend masterfully combines the eleven different varietals into a symphony of flavors that may quickly become one of the favorite bottles this year. This beautifully designed 30th anniversary edition bottle celebrates the Herzog family producing award winning California wines for thirty years; A piece of their legacy of searching out, creating and bringing the finest wines of California wine county to the people of the world.

David Whittemore, Marketing Director at Herzog Wine Cellars, explained the current marketplace for wines, “We are excited to see the global variety of brand new and rare wines being presented at KFWE Los Angeles.” This year’s participants include wine makers from five continents, including an all new Canadian producer, Tzafona, who produces a delightful ice wine. Most popular as a desert wine, ice wines are difficult to produce and not easily found as a result. Also new, a Ukrainian winery will be attending, the first time on this side of the country. Whittemore admitted, “It’s always fascinating to share the evening with passionate wine makers who create excellent wines from nearly every wine region of the globe.”

In total, 11 countries will be representing more than 350 kinds of wine and spirits at the KFWE. Whittemore said, “This will be the place to taste wines that you have not tried before and it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet the chefs behind LA’s innovative kosher cuisine. There’s such a newness to what’s going on in the culinary world. The chefs at KFWE Los Angeles are pushing the limits of what is possible in the LA dining scene.”

All the meat dishes presented will be using kosher Uruguayan grass fed beef provided by Tevya’s Ranch. This year there is also an organic item from the newly launched USDA certified Organic line. As consumers learn the benefits of grass-fed beef, there is an increased market because the beef has the health benefits of Bison, without compromising on the tenderness. In the same way that it took years for the Jewish community to warm up to dry wine, preferring instead the sweet varieties offered, the owners of Tevyas are certain the Jewish community will learn to appreciate the natural taste, eco benefits and health advantages of grass fed beef.

The KFWE website includes intimate interviews with some of the winemakers who will be exhibiting. Watching these conversations brings an added appreciation of the wines on offer. Ultimately, there are many ways to enjoy the food and wine at the KFWE but Whittemore suggests that you consider all you have tasted and then buy your favorite for dinners at your home, “For me, the best way to enjoy a very special wine is with good friends, and a good meal. The flavors will bring you together even if you are not a devout connoisseur. The experience is different for everyone, and sharing those experiences together is when it becomes more than a glass of vino – it becomes a joyful memory.”

To register for the KFWE, visit KFWELA.com and use code JHLA for a 15% discount on both VIP and General Admission tickets.