Natalie Sopinsky, Susya, Israel, One Israel Fund

On January 23, Nessah Synagogue, Beverly Hills will host Marc Provisor, Counter-Terror Expert and Director of Security Projects for an event hosted by One Israel Fund. Provisor is one of the foremost security and counter-terror experts who focuses his efforts in the strategically and Biblically significant Judea and Samaria regions in Israel. A former Ravshatz, a civilian community security chief, he will discuss his firsthand experiences and give a behind-the-scenes assessment of the security challenges facing us today, and touch upon what we can expect in the weeks to come.

Provisor is down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Israeli’s most strategically important communities, having personally responded to over 100 terror attacks. Provisor is actively implementing campaigns to replace and upgrade the armored protective vests of all civilian security chiefs and teams, throughout Israel. The new vest design has been adopted by the IDF and Provisor will present a real vest at the reception, so that attendees can understand. They will be invited to try it on.

There are additional programs that are being implemented that will protect families living in Judea and Samaria. A short video will be shown and questions will be taken.

One Israel Fund is the premier organization supporting medical, recreational, educational, communal, preventive security and other social welfare needs for the over 400,000 citizens of Israel living throughout Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the reemerging communities of Gush Katif evacuees.