Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

The other day while waiting in the carpool line my five year old daughter, Moussia, turns to me asking, “Do you know which dress I’m going to wear when Moshiach comes?” “No,” I answered. “My prettiest one!” She exclaimed. Duh.

This left me thinking, is Moshiach only about a spiritual awakening, which we should prepare for by focusing on the spiritual? Or should we also focus on the physical redemption and the joy it will bring?

Truth is, we can have the same discussion about our attitude toward Torah and mitzvot in general. Should we focus only on the spiritual rewards and accomplishments for keeping G-d’s commandments, or should we also emphasize the benefits here in this world?

This column is too small to cite all the sources, but the basic conclusion in Jewish thought, especially Chassidic thought, is that the completion of G-d’s original intent in creating this world is manifested when the physical mirrors the spiritual.
In addition to all the spiritual benefits, our physical life in this world is enhanced when we follow the directives of the Torah. This is how we infuse our personal development, responsibility, family and community with positive energy and ultimately success.

The same is true about messianic times. In addition to the great spiritual revelation which will take place, in the words of the Rambam, “The sole occupation of all humanity will be to know G-d.” It will also lead to peace and goodwill amongst the nations of the world, a time of prosperity and plenty.

Although we are experiencing turbulence in this last part of our journey – let us prepare for the deeper meaning, the coming of our righteous redeemer who will usher in a time of great joy and light for all the nations of the world.

Wishing you a most enjoyable Shabbos,