Innovation Night Enthuses Innovative Kids


On January 12th, Emek Hebrew Academy and the Teichman Family Torah Center hosted the second Innovation Night Event for elementary and middle school students and their parents. Created by Michelle Andron, Vice Principal of Elementary School, the evening was made possible with the help of many staff and was focused on J Steam learning; Jewish integration with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Kids were excited to find a mind boggling collection of activities. Technology was made fun with small magnetic, electronic switches that students had to assemble to create a Shabbos lamp that only turns on when it is dark. Next, there was special playdough that functioned like a metal wire so the kids could create a circuit route. There was a Tu Bishvat Tree to be assembled using geometric shapes and finally there was a coding station. Students had to work through the online lesson from so that they could make their name appear with bubbles and movement.

More than 200 students and parents attended the evening which created a meaningful statement of creativity that is an essential part of the school curriculum. Rebecca, a 4th grade student, said, “It was so much fun because it got my mind working really hard. I loved the coding station especially!”