Los Angeles Reception for RCCS


Arye D. Gordon

On Sunday evening, January 17, 2016, the 7th Annual Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) Reception in Los Angeles was hosted by Chaim and Naomi Manela and Steve and Lorraine Spira.

The theme was “Evening of Miracles.” The evening guest speaker was Rabbi Moshe Isenberg. A video presentation covering the lifesaving work of RCCS and the trials and tribulation of one family and their young daughter was shown. This was an opportunity to hear one of many stories of success for which the RCCS is known.

The Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society was founded by Reb Hershel Kohn, a successful businessman who recognized that many families, suddenly confronted with the news that a family member had been diagnosed with cancer, need special guidance and assistance in dealing with the everyday difficulties; medical, financial, and psychological, that become major concerns in their lives.

The goals of RCCS is to help cancer patients receive the best Health Insurance Policies possible and to provide the financial assistance needed to maintain these insurance policies. RCCS provides the expertise of top doctors in the field and offers assistance to patients and families confronted with this illness.

One of the most devastating news that parents can be told is that their child has a life- threatening illness. After hearing such emotionally charged and heart wrenching information, the next major concern is whether health insurance will cover these tremendous treatment costs and if not, what to do?

Rabbi Moshe Isenberg was the bearer of such a scenario to a packed audience in the Manela home. Reb Moshe took us down the road that he and his family personally travelled. It was because of the clear and unquestioned help of the RCCS, lifting a major burden and concern off their shoulders, that the Isenberg family was able to concentrate their energies on their daughter and her wellbeing.

The Isenberg’s were initially shocked and then most thankful of the RCCS’s response to their plight. The medical insurance was secured and the payments were provided for. “You have no idea how much RCCS does,” added Rabbi Isenberg. “It is not just the insurance. They took our daughters medical information to top doctors in the field who reviewed her records and confirmed the prescribed treatment and even advised that the hospital she was in was the right place for her. And I must tell you that all this is accomplished by your support. You are, mamush, saving lives.”

Dr. Rosenshein of RCCS, who is modestly listed on RCCS stationary as “consultant,” thanked those who have donated to the organization so that, in the past 12 months, RCCS has allocated close to $400,000 to cancer-stricken patients in Los Angeles alone.

Added Rabbi Albala, Director of Community Development for RCCS, “We never turn away anyone who qualifies for our assistance. There is no waiting list. No one is told to come back in a few months, for we are unable at the moment to provide financial support. We are there for you and will not tell you to come back at a later time.”

Before the presentation to the Manelas and the Spiras, host Chaim Manela stood to say a few words. “My real introduction to RCCS was through my wife Naomi, who has had an association with Dr. Rosenshein for many years. In meeting the good doctor I was taken by his passion, his strength and desire and great belief in what he is doing, and therefore I say to you all, we must come to his assistance and show our support for RCCS.”

To participate in this great Mitzvah visit www.rofehcholim.org or call 718 722 2002